Getting More Fans on Facebook with an Incentivized Like Landing Page

by Todd Bertsch - Evolve Owner/President

Facebook Like Button

When someone would like to connect with your company on Facebook they must first hit the Like button to become a fan.  Once they become a fan they will begin receiving status updates that are posted by your company. Fans are also opted-in to your companies Facebook messaging mail list (Facebook’s version of e-mail) too! Obtaining fans can be an extremely valuable tool in building long-term relationships with your customers. Utilizing an incentivized landing page may help increase your fan base and, in turn, improve customer loyalty too.

An incentivized like landing page is basically a customized “sales tab” on your Facebook Fan Page, which allows you to have an incentive for visitors to become your fan. It’s called a landing page because it’s the first page users see when they visit you on Facebook. Facebook’s T.O.S. states, “any incentive you provide must be available to new and existing users who Like your Page.” Basically, if you want to offer a coupon in exchange for becoming a fan you should make sure that the coupon is available to everyone else who isn’t a fan too. How noticeable you make this coupon is up to you, but the option must exist.

Here are some examples of ingenious incentivized like landing pages. Go ahead and click the “Like” button on some of these pages to see how others have utilized this feature. 


Weekly World News Landing Page


Coca-Cola Landing Page


Red Bull Landing Page


Mashable Landing Page


Lake Nona Pools

Standard searches within Facebook for companies leading the industry in Facebook marketing often direct users to these heavily optimized landing tabs. Users have other options to get around becoming a fan, but the goal is to create such a unique incentive that those users won’t want to. 

Check out the examples below of Incentivized Like Landing Pages that we have created here at Evolve. Although TransMotion Medical, Inc. and Dots are two very different companies, they are both benefiting greatly from the implementation of complex Like pages.

Gateway Facebook page for Dots


Incetivized Facebook Like page for TransMotion Medical before and after view


There are many guides and tutorials, like Hubspot's, that do their best to walk you through the process, but it still can be very complex and time consuming. Save yourself the hassle and let the professionals at Evolve Creative Group design a beautiful custom incentivized Facebook landing page for your company today!

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Chase Roper
10/8/2012 5:44:46 PM #

Hi guys! How much are you charging for this. Ball park. My facebook page is and I have an ebook I can offer as an incentive.


Josh Roberts
6/17/2013 12:18:59 PM #

incentivized liking is the way to go!... a little bit of googling and anyone can throw an incentivized like page together on their own without paying someone to do it for them.

Just add the static html app on facebook and use fangate.

I just recently did one for my vacation rental's page...

Just 'LIKE' me if you want to get to the info and photos! ;)

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