Business Card Design - The ART of saying of Hello!

by Todd Bertsch - Evolve Owner/President

What does your business card say?

Business Card Design

Most companies still overlook the importance of creating a GREAT business card.

A business card is your first opportunity to tell your story and establish your branding image. Yes, I’ve been told that many people do toss the business card after they’ve entered it into their Outlook contacts. However, it’s your first impression, your first or second touch point with a potential client or customer. Make it GREAT! Make it standout, and tell your story.

Tips for creating a successful business card

  1. Make sure it reflects your branding image. Correct colors, logo, messaging, etc.
  2. Give it some WOW. Don’t just have Kinko’s set it up for. Hire a professional designer. It’s worth a couple extra bucks.
  3. Take advantage of both sides. Full color printing is very cost effective these days, and many printers offer online solutions at dirt cheap costs.
  4. KISS – Remember the old adage…”Keep it simple stupid”. Too much and you’ll lose the function of what a business card is all about. Keep it clean, and legible.
  5. Choose an un-coated stock, a die cut, rounded corners…be different!
  6. Make sure your contact info is legible. Some designers (including myself), tend to go with a font that is too small. Again, remember what this is used for.
  7. List your services. This is your one chance to promote what you do. Take advantage of the back side of the card. You have their attention… make an impression.

Creating a successful business card does not have to cost you a fortune. But it will go along way with making a great impression and standing out amongst the competition.

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