Q: What is Evolve U?

A: A growing educational resource for all things web.


How did this idea evolve, you ask?

Looking back on 10-plus years spent teaching part-time at the collegiate level, I feel I learned more standing in front of a class than I ever did sitting in back of one. There was something about a student’s passion and desire for education that always resonated with me, that created a passion and desire to constantly learn, constantly evolve.

We work in a Web industry where even the most basic technologies and standards are constantly changing. It’s an industry you literally can’t afford to fall behind in. So when I say Evolve Creative Group keeps up on the latest and greatest Web technologies, it’s not lip service. Each team member spends time studying new techniques every day. For us, education and evolution aren’t concepts we bring up casually – they’re mantra and mission.

That’s why we’ve always made it a point to educate our clients. While the Web is open-source, it can be overwhelming. SEO, Pay-per-click, social media, email, desktop, mobile - it’s a lot to handle.

Enter Evolve U. What began as our company blog is now a fully-branded, dynamic educational experience. We’ll be covering all things Web with different types of media. Soon, we hope to have answers to just about any question related to the online marketing channel.

We hope you’ll treat Evolve U as a type of online university, using it to enhance your own learning and education. After all, Evolve U is here to help evolve you.

That leads me to the Evolve U mascot. So who is this monkey at the top of the page? Meet Eugene. He’s been our unofficial mascot since the company’s inception. We might not hear from him for a few days, but as soon as things get too quiet, he’ll come flying in to make sure we’re on task—and having a good time. He’s a perfect fit for the Evolve U brand - fun, curious and always willing to learn. Besides, who’s more qualified to represent the concepts of learning and evolution than a smart little monkey?

I hope you enjoy Evolve U. Let’s learn and evolve together.

Todd Bertsch - Owner & President

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At Evolve, we take pride in delivering innovative and effective web design & online marketing solutions that ensure an evolutionary change in your business. We also believe that continuing education is an important key element to any business. For this reason, we've created Evolve University. We hope you enjoy our blog!

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