10 Ways to Rise in Search Rankings after Google’s Panda Update

Wondering why one of your website’s pages isn’t rising in Google for your chosen keywords? Your on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may not be up-to-date with what post-panda Google spiders are crawling for. [More]
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How to Write Website Copy

I’ve been eagerly awaiting to write about this subject for quite some time. There is a lot to cover, but in lieu of the main lesson here…I’ll keep it short and sweet! Let’s get started. KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid…remember this one? [More]

The Importance of using 301 Redirects

There are many nitty gritty details that are behind the scenes of great web development, that can make or break the transition of a newly launched website. In this post I will discuss the importance of utilizing 301 Redirects and how to get these set up. [More]

Website Videos are on the RISE

Website videos have been around for awhile, but this last year they have really increased in both viewing and user generated content uploads. While broadband penetration increases and the ability to easily upload videos to your website or social network increases, we will continue to see the rise of video replace the need of static text on a given web page. Why read, when you can watch. [More]

Microsoft Introduces their New Search Engine - bing

As you have probably already noticed, Microsoft has re-invented their search product again. Most recently with their new search engine “bing”. There has been a numerous amount of blog posts about this launch, but I wanted to wait and see how things panned out before commenting myself. [More]

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