Subpages Need Love Too

In the world of Web design, a site can only have one homepage, but it could have an almost infinite number of subpages. For example, if a site has just 20 pages, that means 95 percent of it relies on subpages to effectively communicate with visitors. Those subpages sound pretty important, right? However, the amount of time spent designing and developing these tends to be overlooked. We want to change that and convince you to show subpages the love they deserve.

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2015 – The Year of Mobile Web Design

Welcome to 2015, or as I call it, the year of mobile. After years of carefully watching statistics chronicling increased mobile adoption by consumers, devouring several reports published this past year and poring over local and national data Evolve Creative Group collected, it's more than evident we need to adapt and change the way we think about our ongoing marketing initiatives.

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Yes, Your Website Still Needs a Homepage Button or Link

There’s been an ongoing debate in our office, and I'm often challenged with it: Do websites still need a homepage button or link? I've been searching for the golden blog post or whitepaper to answer this question, and have yet to find it. So I'll answer it myself.

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How To Use robots.txt File and Fix Response Code Errors

Last, but not least, in our Technical SEO Checklist series, we’ll explore how to use the robots.txt file and what to do when you receive a response code error.

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SEO Meta Data and Headings - Technical SEO Checklist Part 2

In part one of our three part series, we discussed what steps to take to fix duplicate content issues, and how to properly use the rel=canonical tag. In part two, we’ll go over what character counts to abide by for your SEO meta information, and what to do about headings like H1 and H2.

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